Shawn Patrick Slaughter served in the United States Army from 2003 through 2012 as a Combat Engineer. Shawn deployed to combat theatres of Iraq multiple times during his enlistment. It was after his last combat tour in 2012 that he was evaluated as 100% disabled and medically retired for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), memory loss, depression, anxiety, and trouble sleeping. Because of Shawn’s aforementioned conditions, he was unable to continue his career with the Army, therefore, released from active duty.

At this point Shawn was Honorably discharged from the Army and returned to West Texas to continue his life with his wife and children.

However, once Shawn returned home from serving his country, he experienced what many veterans experience when they return from combat tours and deployments overseas. Although the majority of Veterans transition well from the military, there are a few who feel "lost" and feel as they cannot "relate" to anyone after serving overseas. Some feel they are coming back to a familiar place but do not necessarily feel that they are back "home." Shawn experienced these feelings and began to have complications from his TBI and PTS which led to a pattern of drinking, depression, and self-isolation.

Unfortunately, decisions made at this point of Shawn’s life led to an active confrontation with local authorities and he found himself in a local detention center. It was at this time that VetStar was informed of Mr. Slaughter's situation. VetStar was able to immediately access Mr. Slaughter because of the relationships that VetStar has built with local courts, judges, law enforcement, and communities. VetStar was able to step in to thoroughly asses Shawn’s wants, needs, and goals during this period in his life.

After addressing Shawn’s wants and needs, VetStar was able to begin the stabilization process to assist Shawn in various areas. Through partnerships VetStar has established with the VA, VetStar was able to fast-track Shawn through treatment enrollment into a number of rehabilitation programs offered by the VA. With VetStar’s help Shawn has successfully completed VA treatment programs and has returned to West Texas to be with his two children.

Shawn currently volunteers his time with various Veteran organizations and has become the go-to-guy for our veterans that need to talk when they won’t talk to anyone else. Shawn has been a big part of VetStar’s success in the last few years.